To apply for a grant, please download the application form below – once complete, please return it via email to [email protected] or by post to: Moseley Alternative Giving Campaign, c/o Moseley Exchange, 149-153, Alcester Road, Moseley B13 8JP.

Download Form

Guidelines for applying for a grant from Moseley Alternative Giving Campaign:

  • Applicants should be actively seeking accommodation, in the process of being housed or sustaining a tenancy.
  • Applicants should live in or have a strong local connection to the Moseley area
  • Applicants to be allowed one application per year to be made on the application form provided
  • Grants to be a maximum of £200 to be used to ‘enable and encourage applicant to develop and sustain a settled lifestyle and existence’
  • All grant applications to be made through a support worker, who will be responsible for ensuring that the form is completed appropriately and for arranging/ providing proof of purchase/ other proof of expenditure and feedback to the panel
  • An example of what a grant could be used for would be for personal or household items; bus tickets to attend support sessions, courses or for a specific stated reason e.g. training etc.
  • The support worker should also ensure that the applicant is aware of and is able to access (where appropriate) other sources of help e.g. Local Welfare Provision (City Council), local food banks, No wrong door etc.
  • Applications not meeting the above guidelines could be awarded in exceptional circumstance at the discretion of the distribution panel.
  • Where there is no alternative source available, fund may be used to provide publicity and information material in support of the project.