We were thrilled to hear from one of the people we’ve helped on Radio WM yesterday. Drew talked about his experiences living on the street – and getting into permanent accommodation – on Sam and Daz at Breakfast.

A tent in St Mary’s churchyard, Moseley, similar to the one Drew used.

Drew described how last winter he became homeless very quickly, under circumstances that could happen to anybody. He came to Moseley and set up a tent in the churchyard because he felt safe there, and spent most of his day in one of the local pubs or the library, reading and keeping warm.

He ended up approaching MAGC outreach worker Anji after she left a note in his tent – she helped him get into a local hostel, and then into his own rented accommodation. Now Drew has his own business, and is going from strength to strength – and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Listen to more of his story on the BBC Sounds website, starting around 1:37:20.